In disruptive times needs do not disappear – they shift. To thrive with disruption you must shift your yourself and your organization.

Charlene Li

Zodiac Business Development, Inc. as a trusted advisor, delivers an amazing Customer Experience (CX) to deliver quick results with disruptive technologies with top-of-mind agility for business critical solutions.

We focus on key industry solutions:

  • Security posture. Zero-trust that eliminates and isolates security risks from today’s threats and the security challenges that evolve in the future. Building a security fortification with a multi-layered defense.
  • Disruptive technologies. Keep an eye on what innovation can be integrated that will make a differentiation to each industrial segment we provide solutions.
  • Data center transformation. Build new modern data center that take full advantage of the latest technology innovations to minimize the footprint of each rack framework, providing the highest composite computing, storage, network, and supporting infrastructure powering on-premises, in-the-cloud, and on-the-edge solutions.
  • Framework Optimization. Hardware technology evolves every year. Create an optimized modernized infrastructure that delivers 100% application availability, rapid information management, real-time analytics, business process optimization, and geographic redundancy failover and recovery with planned and unplanned events.
  • Renewable energy solutions. Provide new energy resources that drive modern data centers in-the-enterprise, in-the-cloud, and to-the-edge that demand clean green energy, provides cleantech solutions that minimize ones imprint on our environment, to become environmentally responsible and sustainable.
  • New business opportunities. The SMB is the foundation of every nation and drives the world’s economies. Every business deserves an opportunity to build their dream in any location – diversity matters!

While several technologies are available to achieve the goal, as a trusted advisor, the objective is to provide both superior customer experience and tremendous value to you as a customer. Getting the business to begin expanding revenue generation, making technology available when and where it is needed to drive business results, get the industry attention, magnification and the amplification it deserves is critical to capitalize on each opportunity that lies ahead…

When you make these small improvements in your business layers, consistently with regular frequency the cumulative effect over time is enormous – always keep improving!