Internet of Things (IoT) and e-commerce have evolved in parallel and now have a common journey where every connected object becomes a potential commerce opportunity. The IoT is about to reshape e-commerce and we expect that the need for entitlement will grow as off-the-shelf fulfillment can accept digital licensing and provide for payment easing the pain of managing inventory, customers and transactions. The purchasing decision is vastly simplified when the license can be immediately applied to activate software, mobile or IoT devices enabling their use.

Our eCommerce Nexus Package

Our Entitlement CloudTM consists of a Nexus CoreTM the engine that integrates solutions from several companies to create our solution and proprietary Intellectual Property. In some instances we also recommend complimentary solutions that also bolt-on to your e-commerce solution that is also integrated into your shopping cart experience to expand the needs of particular customer requirements.

For example, a global operation the shipping-point may be different than the licensing-point and have two different costs. A product may sell for $100, the physical product $10 but the license to operate may be $90. The license can turn on/off features of a product therefore allowing the in-place upgrade of the software of a device or an application. The product could sell for $100, $200 and $300 depending upon the features provided. A customer may only want the base features but later have the need for the more expensive options and through the eCommerce portal upgrade the product and simply get a new activation key that enables all features.

Business to Technology Alignment for Optimal Nexus

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