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The Entitlement Cloud enables a Software License Management Solution to Monetize and Protect Your Intellectual Property to integrate their online shopping cart mechanism to our proprietary automated entitlement creation cloud and their payment processing systems. We provide a strong component of Nexus in the geographic location of choice to centralize eCommerce, mCommerce and Commerce of Things to reduce or eliminate multi-state taxation, monetize all Commerce and protect software license compliance to the end-point devices. The simplification allows digital license keys to be dropped on desktops, mobile devices, servers, BYOD, IoT and really any end-point device that will accept a digital key.

“Zodiac’s eCommerce Nexus package made selling our products online easy, and having tax compliance that’s simple has increased our bottom line and peace of mind.” – Kent C. CTO eMailGPS, Inc.

Zodiac’s eCommerce, mCommerce or Commerce of Things solution creates cloud entities in data centers that are optimal for your business. Zodiac provides an email address that you simply forward a copy of your purchase receipt.

Nexus CoreTM, processes your shopping cart email receipt (Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Ecwid, Etsy, Magento, PayPal, Shopify, Stripe Relay, Square, WooCommerce, Xero, etc..), parses the email for product specifics like name, qty, and expiration details, and then automatically create the entitlement that can be used by your organization to deliver product to your customers: mCommerce (Mobile), eCommerce(Digital) or Commerce of Things (IoT) to immediate enable features of operation.


Since the purchase receipt processing, entitlement creation processing, and content delivery all occur within a single data center, your business is now in control of taxation, record keeping, and compliance for online eCommerce, mCommerce or Commerce of Things transactions.

Business to Technology Alignment for Optimal Nexus

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