How Sales Tax Nexus Confusion Affects Your Business

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Nexus can be complex as you know…

 Nexus, requires several factors that provides “sufficient physical presence,” is a legal term that refers to the requirement for companies doing business in a state to collect and pay tax on sales in that state.

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Zodiac Business simplifies Nexus by helping companies of any size gain compliance and increased revenue from centralized Nexus end-point that establishes entitlement delivery for online shopping of eCommerce systems and Internet-of-Things devices globally.

  • Did you know that you are obligated to collect and remit sales tax where you conduct business?
  • Have you heard of sales tax nexus and do you know what it means for businesses?

If the answer is no, take a moment to discover how simple it is to manage nexus obligations and become sales tax compliant. By fully understanding this obligation, your business will ultimately reduce its exposure to future negative sales tax audits.

Nexus is defined as, the obligation to collect and remit tax where business is conducted, however, there are a range of ways nexus is created and these rules vary from state to state. Nexus determination can be confusing if you are unprepared to deal with it. To begin, almost every business has to calculate, collect, report and remit sales tax. More than likely, you are already paying taxes in your state and local jurisdictions as a result of business location.

  • However, what happens when you sell something across state lines?
  • Are you required to collect sales tax and how much?
  • And to whom do you remit the tax?

Nexus rules are established by individual states and every state defines them uniquely. Determining exactly how a rule applies to a business is critical.

To safely navigate these challenging tax rules individuals should consult an accountant, tax attorney or other qualified sales tax professional to conduct a nexus study for the particular business. Making the nexus determination on your own is difficult, confusing and can lead to problems further down the road.

Once you have determined where Nexus exists for your business, you are required to calculate, collect, report and remit that state’s sales tax each and every time you make a transaction. For this reason, sales taxes are remitted based on where your business is actually located because it is the physical structure of the business that actually creates nexus. However, there are several other scenarios where nexus can be applied and these should also be considered.