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Starting a Small Medium Business (SMB), dictate your own hours, establish a customer base, add additional MLM income. I personally have been involved with these before… so you really have to believe in the products. Enhancing life is is what we all are in search of…

My other company listed Life2Max, Inc. has complimentary products.

Review | 8 Leadership Qualifications

There are 8 leadership qualifications that a leader who wants to position themselves with VASAYO must meet.

1. You must be a leader in transition
2. You must be a leader who has built large organizations
3. You must have proven leadership skills
4. You must be a leader with wisdom
5. You must be a leader who can be trusted and is trustworthy
6. You must be a leader who is apart of the team
7. You must be a leader who is humble
8. You must be a leader who is looking for significance

If you meet these qualities then Vasayo might be another stream of income for you if your current business is not working out.

Review | The Compensation Plan

If you have the background and meet these 8 leadership credentials then Dallin wants to put it out there that this company is in pre-launch so you can have a position in this company.

This company will be a binary compensation plan and they already have a top master distributor power couple Holly and Corbin Roush coming right out of the gates from their previous business Monavie downline.

There are 8 ways to make money and a 60% pay out so that people can start earning at least $500-$1000 per month.

According to my research the company payout is as follows:

1. 8 Ways to get paid (we won’t know until launch date what those details are)
2. 5% Executive bonus check match
3. 7 Generations deep in the binary compensation plan
4. Balanced front, middle and top level
5. You join as a customer first

VASAYO is taking in recruits for leaders to position themselves starting November 21, 2016 and then January 3, 2017 is when the soft launch will go live. An ground-floor opportunity.

What to expect…

Total TEAM effort, we are here to make each other successful. If you are looking to learn how to create a SMB that operates with more feet on the street… you have joined the right TEAM – One band one sound…. collectively we will help each other its not about you… it’s always about the TEAM, show your creativity, enthusiasm, passion for your products as you build the TEAM. All the downstream needs help from the upstream their success drives your success.

Startup SMB Enablement Kit that creates a “Great Customer Experience”.

SMB VASAYO tutorial a look inside before you sign-up.

A Startup 4-Page Web Page  customized with you as the Sponsor.

Enrollment at VASAYO by John Saylor

Sponsor: John Saylor

Sponsor User Name: jsaylor

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