There many types of opportunities we run across everyday that provide us the ability to participates as an advisor, board member, investor, business partner, inventor or entrepreneur.

Warren Buffett got it right – Multiple income streams matter

The legendary financial genius, Warren Buffett, cautions us and says “never rely on a single source of income.” He urges us to find ways to bring in money from a variety of sources. Warren focuses his income streams through multiple investments. Each business need to rely on what can be spun up quickly, what may take time to create, and what are the cornerstones so create a sustainable business.

We have interests in…

Technologies. Impact on the next generation of big data, the analytics around the-speed-of-decisions, applying the data science, the immediate prediction, discovery and advanced elimination of future, hidden or active threats while optimizing the business processes around the applications and delivery of managed information with DevOps, citizen developers, and low-code solutions.

NEXT WAVE technology. Securing specific industries, cleantech, renewable energy, financial transactions, Blockchain, Open Banking, essential industries and business critical solutions. With advancement of IoT, BYOD, mobility, VR headsets or glasses that interconnect and communicate to change the market to innovate a businesses technology advancement , security must be top-of-mind starting with what assets need protection and then building out the security perimeters of each of those assets.

Customer Experience. The creation of a great CX, working with these very cool emerging technologies in 3D Imaging, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain trusted transactions, Digital Transformation, Digital Assistant Chatbots, Analytics, APIs, and IAM | IGA for single signon. The platforms they reside on have maximum availability & zero-trust security for enterprise, cloud, hybrid-cloud or edge computing senerios.

Industry Applications. E-mail Office365 Outlook trusted security alerts baked into every to in-bound or out-bound email, energy applications for utilities or residential, human capital resource management, healthcare PPE, and ERP applications.