Dealing with the Data Deluge

When it comes to the data center, there is a rising sensitivity around how data us used and stored. The growing data deluge presents many interesting challenges, the rise of various emerging technologies also adds new complications to the mix, making predicting what will happen in 2023, let alone 2025 a difficult task. Better yet, let’s have a discussion about what our interactions with customers and prospects are telling us by industry.

Data Center Crisis

Ongoing digitization of business processes is resulting in the creation of more data and more data centers of various sizes, consolidation to co-location or cloud computing centers. To no ones surprise these data centers consume enormous amounts of energy. By 2025, it’s estimated that data centers will consume one fifth of all the electricity in the world.

Operations in the colocation centers is a cornerstone of market penetration as the economies of scale are magnified. Since there is a movement from on-premise to the Cloud Colocation centers of data are emerging. Combining state-of-the-art technology into the Data Center provides faster business agility, greater data protection, geographic synchronicity with on-premise or edge computing and time-to-value from the cloud. 

What is Data Center Transformation?

Data center transformation is the process of changing a data center to improve its overall functionality and performance. Some experts define and characterize data center transformation as large-scale programs of change that affect many of the key parts of data center use, including hardware configurations (computing, network, or storage), user interfaces, and business processes.

Data Center Construction

If you intend to Reduce | Replace | Rebuild your Data Center there must be some critical changes to the cooling, heat reclamation, flooring and placement of auxiliary supportive equipment in detail inorder to restructure it or when building it from scratch.

Data Center Reduction

Explore the journey off your current legacy servers and appliances to discovery how much savings your company would get by reducing | replacing } eleiminate your current data center requireents by 50% or more from “TRUE” High-Performance Computing (HPC), Converged Infrastructure, or Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI).