Here is where we have provided leadership to established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide to magnify their business.

Business or Company                           Executive Leadership                 

Z-IMPACT, Inc.                                          Managing Partner|Co-Founder

WSO2, Inc.                                                 VP & GM Global Channels and OEM

Life2Max, Inc.                                          Managing Partner|COO 

eMailGPS, Inc.                                         CEO| Co-Founder

Stealth Company                                     Managing Partner | Co-Founder

ZeroIMPACT, Inc.                                    Co-Founder

ZeroIMPACT Federal, Inc.                     Co-Founder

SysTMS, Inc.                                            SVP of Business Development

i-Sys Cloud Solutions Inc.                     Advisor

Zodiac Business Development, Inc.   Managing Partner | CEO | Founder

eFootPrint, Inc.                                       CEO