In disruptive times needs do not disappear – they shift. To thrive with disruption you must shift your yourself and your organization.

Charlene Li

Zodiac Business Development, Inc. goal is to deliver an amazing Customer Experience (CX), with agility, the right people and disruptive technologies to deliver quick results. We help streamline the business development process – from the inception to management, operation, to staffing, project planning, and positioning in their respective global markets – with effective thought leadership. Focusing on four key IT Solution Environments: Data Center Transformation, Infrastructure Modernization, Business Process Optimization, Information Management, Network Optimization, and Security Fortification.

When you make these small improvements consistently with regular frequency the cumulative effect over time is enormous – always keep improving! You do not need to boil the ocean starting too many projects all at once.

The challenge is in defining the problem, opportunity, and leveraging the right people, processes, and technology to solve it. While several technologies are available to achieve the goal, as a trusted advisor, the objective is to gather the right people, to provide both superior CX and tremendous value for their customers. Getting their business to begin expanding its revenue with the industry attention, magnification and the amplification it deserves is critical to capitalize on the revenue opportunities that lie ahead…

Cleantech technologies is our passion with the objective to minimize ones imprint on our environment, become environmentally responsible and sustainable. Many industries have had new innovation in recent years, but still has a ways to go as technology changes daily. The adaptability to swap out components to ones more environmentally friendly components increases the sustainability of the design and takes advantage of the natural resources. Engineer new methods of abundant energy like hydrogen to the overall society in commercial and government facilities, expand the scalability of existing infrastructure within a smaller footprint increasing the efficiency.

Security is always top-of-mind, with the recent pandemic the need to focus here became a priority. We are currently applying Data Science methods to to go on the offensive to create Cybersecurity Cognitive Prediction TM via Automated Artificial Intelligence (AutoAI), Machine Learning (ML), placement of critical information in a Data Warehouse and then applying the science to eliminate a cybercriminals attack plan before they get started.

Technologies impact on the next generation of Big Data, the Analytics around the-speed-of-decisions, applying the data science, the immediate prediction, discovery and advanced elimination of future, hidden or active threats while optimizing the Business Processes around the Applications and delivery of Managed Information.

Working with the NEXT WAVE technology securing specific industries, cleantech, renewable energy, financial transactions, Blockchain, Open Banking, essential industries and business critical solutions. With advancement of IoT, BYOD, mobility, VR headsets or glasses that interconnect and communicate to change the market to innovate a businesses technology advancement , security must be top-of-mind starting with what assets need protection and then building out the security perimeters of each of those assets.

The creation of a great CX, working with these very cool emerging technologies in 3D Imaging, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain trusted transactions, Digital Transformation, Digital Assistant Chatbots, Analytics, APIs, and IAM | IGA for single signon. The platforms they reside on have Maximum Availability & Security for Enterprise, Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud or Edge Computing.

Our Prospects & Customers are our most important relationships. Our methodology is to simplify and streamline business creation, superior project teams, how to challenge and win against the competition with constant contact, social media exposure, marketing articles, and post connections to witty articles. Our typical customers want a cut-above, they want the “aha moment”.  Our desire is to show you how we can invent or reinvent your current business, provide you the completeness of vision and ability to execute while tackling legacy or new emerging markets. 

Our Executive Team has over 35 years of experience as trusted advisors in business development, technology, renewable energy, cleantech, building sustainable: branding, exposure, and passion to deliver a great customer experience while exceeding expectations! The focus is on new channels, revenue streams, new partners and services, and increased margins. We have worked with entrepreneurs that want to launch a company with their great idea with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in hand and a few sales. But do not have the time or knowledge on how to make it materialize and execute in a timely manner. We become that TEAM that helps you get your business up and running. Contact us