Zodiac Business Development, Inc. focus is on disruptive technologies and is delivering amazingly quick results helping small- and medium-size (SMB) $2M – $50M companies grow in the initial stages of their development and streamline their business development process – from the inception, to management, operation, to staffing, project planning, and positioning in their respective global markets. Our goal as the trusted advisor, is to gather the right people, to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers – getting their business launched, with the industry attention and magnification it deserves is critical to capitalize on the revenue opportunities that lie ahead…

Our Prospects & Customers, are our most important assets. Our methodology is to simplify and streamline business creation, superior project teams, how challenge and win against the competition with constant contact, social media exposure, marketing articles and post connections to witty articles. Our typical customers want a cut-above, they want the “aha moment”.  Our desire is to show you how we can invent or reinvent your current business, provide you completeness of vision and ability to execute while tackling legacy or new emerging markets. Most businesses are fully operational within 30-60 days! Contact us

Our Executive Team, has over 35 years of experience as a trusted advisor in technology, business development and we are passionate about delivering a great customer experience while exceeding your expectations. We have worked with entrepreneurs that want to launch a company with their great idea but do not have the time or knowledge on how to make it all happen and execute in a timely manner. We become that TEAM that helps you get your business up and running.

Currently, we hold positions at the following companies: Our Leadership page.